Friday, September 18, 2009


We had a great flight up to Seattle on Southwest. We told the flight attendents we were celebrating our anniversary and wanted everyone else to join in. We had a handful of drink coupons and bought drinks for all who wanted one. The flight attendents made us crowns from drink stir sticks and bags of peanuts and pretzels and a "cake" from a roll of toilet paper.

I love the vacation frame of mind!

We saw mountains...
and glaciers...

and more glaciers.

And all sorts of wild life...

TUSAL for September and Tennessee State Fair

While cruising in Alaska, I was working on a Susan Greening Davis design on mushroom Lugana with 738 #8 perle cotton - just about the same color as the fabric. The stitching involved pulling threads from the fabric for hem stitching. This meant lots of orts were generated and they were saved in this bag.

I managed to moosh the orts into the small bottle I'm using for Yoyo's TUSAL by compacting it all with the eraser end of a pencil. The label from the ball of perle cotton can be seen in the upper right side of the bottle.

Well, would you look at that? My sampler won second prize at the state fair! I think that's the second ribbon I've ever won. (The first was a blue for a poster in 9th grade - and that ribbon was stolen from the teacher's desk. phbbbt!)
Annnd...I entered a second, smaller piece that also won a ribbon - white for third place. If you'd asked me before this what color was used for third place I couldn't have told you, but now I know.