Sunday, October 18, 2009

TUSAL for October and something new

The New Moon is upon us and it's time to post a progress picture of my TUSAL orts bottle. The orts that have been added come from the SGD project I've been working on diligently. There's a new #8 perle cotton #738 ball label in the jar. For those of you at home keeping count, that's the second one. It's getting really full and should be overflowing by the end of the year.

See the little bottle sitting next to the TUSAL bottle? That's something new I've started: a waste knot whatnot. The vial is about 2 inches tall and 7/8 inch wide. I tend to use waste knots to start my stitching and just stitch over the thread/floss to secure it. The waste knot whatnot has only been in action for a few days but I'm liking it so far and look forward to a little bottle full of colorful knots. Too bad I didn't think of saving them earlier. Ok, they were saved - in the TUSAL bottle - just not separately.

Today's stitching was on the cover for Susan's Needlebook of Stitches and that added some color to the orts bottle. There are a few more specialty stitches to be done, and seven pages need some eyelets and then it's time to assemble it. Pictures will follow when it's all together. I like posting pictures of things that are done; progress pictures, enh, not so much.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Susan's Needlebook of Stitches stitch documention may have to wait a while. It's getting really close to time to start the ol' creative juices flowing for gift ideas.


Yoyo said...

Oh girl, love the waste-not-whatnot! I may link to this it's so clever! I'm pretty much a waste knotter too, but way too disorganised for another jar (LOL). Besides I'm pretty sure DH would shoot me if I add one more item to my growing clutter around my stitching chair. I'm glad it's going to be Thanksgiving soon, it will force me to put a few things away.

Fidget said...

Link away on the Waste-Knot-Whatnot. I think it would be great. Do you need a little bottle? I have more. Take heart, dear Yoyo; you should see the clutter 'round my stitchin' chair. What's another little 2 inch bottle in the big scheme of things? I'm looking forward to decluttering for the holidays, too. Just as soon as I'm finished crafting for the season.