Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eebil fings

Things have been rough at Casa d'Fidget. Bob and Sadie haven't fallen madly in love. At first I thought Sadie was the problem and she wasn't giving Bob a chance. Now, I think Bob is the problem, and the agressor. Or, Sadie was the problem and Bob's fed up with it and has changed roles with her. GAH! It's making me nuts.

So here's a lolcat that explains my life right now. Please note this kitteh is colored much like Bob.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Patches and Ginger have their bowls out front. Often, Patches is usually waiting close by at mealtime; Ginger shows up when she wants to. (I think she's still a bit bent about having been spayed.) I put out food for them twice a day and the bowls are usually empty when it's time to fill them again.

During the day, I know the birds will come by and steal a few pieces of food. I've suspect that more than Patches and Ginger were sampling the buffet at night. Looking out the front door glass I've seen unknown cats and dogs and possums eating at Patches' and Ginger's bowls. Last night, though, I got a surprise.

The latest diner at Casa d'Fidget is a skunk. Yes, Pepe La Pew (or Fifi, I didn't check) was busy eating and drinking on the front porch. The porch light didn't phase him a bit. He actually was kinda cute. The white stripeage didn't extend to the tail, though. There were two white stripes, beginning at the top of the head, that went down the neck, over the shoulders and joined at the middle of the back. Once he'd eaten all the food and drank his fill, he waddled off the porch and into the night.

I think I'll be a bit less generous with the evening meal. He may have been cute, but I'd rather he stayed away.


Dang! Where did the week go?

Taking care of Bob and Sadie has really taken more of a toll than I thought it would. The hard part is having to keep them separated so that Sadie doesn't infect Bob.

Ooops, forgot to mention I took Sadie to the vet Monday so they could have a look at her and be sure she's healthy enough to mingle with Bob. Turns out she wasn't; poor old dear had a respiratory infection and an ear infection. She has to have antibiotics and ear drops twice a day and stay away from Bob.

Mourning Sadie Jones has been living in the bathroom the whole time she's been here and she's becoming put out with it all. Only a few more days until she gets to join the rest of the household. I'm hoping she will fit right in and not be too grumpy with Bob, who is already fascinated with her.

I've been skipping my stitching nights to tend to the kitties and have been too tired to stitch at home this week so not much to share or talk about on finished crafts. There are two projects in the near-finished stages, though. I'm putting together a Peacock Stitching chair from The Cats Whiskers and a drop-side sewing box designed by some folks from Whitehorse, Yukon, Cananda, that I can't find a link to right now. And working on a real pretty item from Lori Birmingham Designs, it may be a gift for someone so that's all I'll say about that now.

On a gloomy fall day like today, it's hard to decide whether to do something productive or just nap...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Family Members

People who know me know I've got a soft heart (and some would say a soft head to go with it.) There are two feral cats (Patches and Ginger) that have adopted me. They each have their own story but that's for another day. Bob, pictured here, adopted me after he some how became separated from his people. Not sure if he got lost or if he was abandoned but the important part is he once again has a home.

Isn't he a handsome fellow? He's somewhere between 3 and 5 years old and had been neutered by his pevious people. Bob came to me with perfect indoor manners and is a delight to have as my buddy.

Like many kitties, Bob likes to sit in the window and look outside. Often, Patches and/or Ginger are out there and Bob makes little chittering noises at them. Thinking he may be lonely, I decided to adopt another cat as a companion for him.

Mourning "Sadie" Jones was adopted from Nashville Cat Rescue. She's a little over 6 years old, spayed, declawed and has weight issues. She's talkative and very loving - at least to me. Since yesterday, she's residing in the guest bathroom until she becomes acclimated to her new home. When I opened the door just enough for she and Bob to get a look at each other, she hissed; Bob fell in love. He rolled on the floor outside the bathroom and mewed to her while trying to reach for her under the door. I hope the adoration will continue when they do finally meet face to face, and that Sadie will realize what a sweetie Bob is.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Time Felt Right

The blogging bug has been nibbling at me for a while. Not that I thought I had great and pithy ideas to share with the world, it was just a desire to see what it would be like.

My dear online friend, PP, suggested starting a blog to save pictures of the needlework I've made and will make in the future. That way I can share these pictures with friends and relatives and not have to worry about navigating them through whatever other picture hosting site I may be using. OK, makes sense to me.

Here's hoping the blog lasts longer than my past attempts at journaling. :P