Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Words to Live By

I'm so happy February is over. I grieved for the passing of Captain Phil Harris, watched my guy (Ryan Newman) get taken out toward the end of the Daytona 500 (on TV not IRL) and watched as much of the Olympics as I could, including the USA losing to Canada in the gold medal hockey game.

On to better things in March.

While watching the Olympics I started and finished a project that I designed a while back. Friend DP had given me some great overdyed fabric as a gift and I'd misplaced it for a, erm, let's just say a while. I really wanted to use it on this project. It had the look of old, damaged parachment. That, and dark brown overdyed floss (with the look of old ink,) seemed to be just the thing for my latest project.

These words I first heard from my late friend, ES. They seemed like good ones to hold on to and to permanently enshrine in stitching.

So, now I'll just get over February and look forward to the rest of March.


Branlaadee said...

I like it! I am going to have to remember that saying. LOL

Fidget said...

Thanks! They've saved me a lot of grief over the years.