Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Updated Score

The new score is Sunny 4, Skunks 1.

Last evening, upon hearing the outside food bowls rattling, I peeked out the window in the front door and saw Mama Skunk finishing off the last of the cat food. After getting a drink of water, she waddled past the trap -- not even giving it a glance -- and down the steps she went and off into the night. Score 1 for the Skunks.

I put out a bit more food and immediately Ginger came up on the porch to eat, so that was a good thing. A while later, though, I heard a cat commotion and found Tabby-with-the-white-feet (a cat that lives down the street but likes to eat our food) giving Ginger a hard time about the food, so I brought the bowl in.

This morning Patches and Ginger were both looking in the trap with guarded interest. Sho'nuff, there was yet another teenaged skunk in the trap. I had no idea there were this many! Sunny's escorting this little stinker to the wildlife refuge to join his/her brothers/sisters and start a family reunion in the woods.

Tonight, I'll try to bring the food in before Mama Skunk comes by and see if the grape jelly won't tempt her into the trap.


Branlaadee said...

LOL Those older skunks a probably a little wise to the traps. We have skunks, possums and raccoons around here, as well as tons of cats. Good luck getting momma! I hope she starts missing her kids and wants to join them soon.

Fidget said...

That would be great if she would just go ahead and get in the trap. I took the food in last night and didn't catch her with the jelly. The food's been brought in again tonight so let's hope for she developes a taste for jelly.

Daffycat said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love it when new-to-me stitching bloggers comment so I can find them! Your blog is now listed safely in my reader.

I've read your skunk adventures with amusement. My advice is tempt momma skunk with canned cat food or tuna. You might have a problem catching the outdoor cats though!

We recently had to set a live trap to catch a feral kitten that bit my (grown) daughter. (Story on my blog!) The animal control officer warned us to take the trap down at dusk to avoid catching skunks...they do not deal with skunks so we would be on our own if we caught one! She said skunks love canned cat food.