Sunday, May 29, 2011

Actually Finished Something

This weekend I got to be a Parrotthead for the first time.  One of the friends of my youth came to town and went to the show with me.  A grand time and mucho tequilla was had by all.

This friend is one that I owed a handmade craft some time in 2011, so I fulfilled this promise with a book safe. This Spanish text book was rescued from a by-the-pound bin at a thrift store. The safe compartment was lined with maps taken from an atlas that was rescued from the same situation.


Still haven't gotten the stitching mojo back yet. But I have started something new: knitting. Dear friend SU is teaching me how to knit Continental. I'll pause a momment to let PP recover from this shock. ... So far, my knitting looks a lot like my crocheting: way too tight. Why is my tension so tight when working with yarn but I can do just fine with thread and floss and silk and tiny needles?


Branlaadee said...

Beautiful book safe! It looks great.

Fidget said...

Thanks! They are fun to make; I'm still perfecting the method so it's still a challenge.

loves2experiment said...

Another awesome booksafe :) You're on a roll!

And good heavens...knitting?!? I may never recover from that shock! Sorry to hear that you've misplaced your stitching mojo, but it's great that you're trying new crafts :D

I'm a pretty tight knitter myself...must be the way I grip my needles :P Anyhow, you might wanna try using the next needle size up (instead of whatever size is recommended on the yarn label)...sometimes that helps your knitted piece look less, erm, tense/tight :)