Monday, August 29, 2011

TUSAL: August 2011

Here we are at the New Moon for August.  I'm still not stitching so there's no new floss in the jar. There are a few yarn snippets, but not from anything specific.  The blue blob is from a working swatch where I was trying to figure out the stockinette stitch. 

Here's anothe view of the TUSAL bottle.  The nosy kitty is Tabby; she's part of the local cat colony.  It's not quite fair to call her feral as she clearly belonged to someone once upon a time.  I have no idea who or why she's not with them now.  Too bad the kittehs can't tell their stories to us.

My dear friend PP read my last post about stitching a scarf and a hat for the coming winter.  PP is an accomplished knitter (and fiber woman in general) and she made me some truly awesome fingerless gloves from the same yarn I used. Aren't the gloves beautiful?  Thank you so much, PP, for these awesome gloves.  You rocked my world!  When the cold weather hits, I'm going to be so ready for it! 

Here's another shot of these oh so comfortable gloves!

What I've been knitting lately are squares.  This is the pattern I used for the wash cloth that was my second (and third) projects.  The yarn came from Mama's stash.  Just your run of the mill cotton yarn.  It may be Peaches 'n Cream, or it may be just something similar.  I had the crazy idea to use this blocks like quilting blocks and use them to make a lap rug/throw/Afghan/whatever.  I've got some ideas for constuction but will keep that to myself until I'm further along on the project.

When I ran out of Mama's yarn (after three squares) I bought a new cone of yarn.  Wouldn't you know it they didn't have the same color, close but not the same.  Oh, well, it's not like anyone else will see this.  The smaller squares pictured above are 50 stitches wide at their widest.  The big boy above is at 86.5 stitches when the picture was taken and will ultimately be 100.  I want to knit at least four (or maybe six) of these jumbo squares for the center of the lap rug.

The odometer on the ol' Subaru is still spinning. And yes, it just took about 2.5 gallons of gas to get the 85 miles on the tripmeter.  The old gal will be 17 years old in just a couple of weeks.  We sure got our money's worth out of this car.  Rock on, Suby!

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