Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Idea Binder

I have a binder that started its life ten years ago holding seminar materials for a software development conference. Not a very pretty thing to hold ideas and charts for future (and past) needlework ideas, but it was still in good working order. Besides, it couldn't help it if it had non-inspiring printing on it. So, I decided to doll it up a bit.

Presenting the new and improved Idea Binder!

I spent the weekend working on this idea and bringing it to life. Do you know how scary it is to take a nice sampler and start pinning, sewing and cutting on it? I learned that it is better to tape down the vinyl and needlework and then sew the opening than it is to trying pinning it all down. Trust me on this one. The tape worked so much better!

All the work was documented in pictures, I may do a tutorial on it in the future, but now, I just want to enjoy it and reload all the ideas.


Ziggyeor said...

oh how cute! Great job on the binder :D

Branlaadee said...

It's beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

loves2experiment said...

Lovely! You always have the best ideas!

Khris said...

Great work...I have done a few binder covers in the past...but a tutorial would be great for others...hugs Khris