Sunday, May 23, 2010

May TUSAL and various other things

Summer seems to have arrived this weekend. It's in the 90s and I hate it. Fall can't get here soon enough to suit me.

Again, I'm late. Here's my TUSAL progress shot for May. I'm worried about Yoyo, our gracious hostess for the Totally Useless Stitch-a-long. She hasn't posted since mid-April and I pray everything is ok for her.

My first feral kitty recently turned 3. She's the only one that I could tame because she came to us at two weeks old with wobbly legs and eyes barely open and a tilted head. She'd been abandoned by her mama. She went to the office with me so I could bottle feed her. With the help of the vet, she overcame her head tilt and grew into a very handsome kitty. She's a great pet and companion for Pookie. What became of Momcat? I was able to trap her and the two other kittens (a boy and a girl), got them spayed and neutered and they now live happily as barn cats in a rural town. Don't you love a tale with a happy ending?

This is my first attempt at framing. It turned out fairly well, at least on the front and for something I'm going to keep. If it were to be a gift, it would need somemore work on the back. If you're ever at my home, please don't peek behind it. Not pretty.

Here's a nature shot. I found Ms. Spider in the bushes and she agreed to having her picture taken. There was a red chevron on her back but it didn't show up in the photo. No, it wasn't a Black Widow, but I don't know what type it is.

I recently got a kumihimo kit from a mail order house. My ADD prevents me from telling you the name of the company. It has totally slipped my brain. This craft looks a lot like the friendship bracelets that kids used to wear. I can't say for sure because I was too old to be making them when they were in vogue. Now that I'm older and really don't care what anyone thinks, I'm trying this out as a new craft, mostly because I need some braid to go around the mushroom tin I made in Cincy with PP a while back.

This was a very relaxing craft once I got the hang of the pattern. This sample braid was made using cording that came with the kit. When I make braid for the mushroom tin I'll be using embroidery floss instead so it will be much smaller. The left side of the braid is the back, the right side, the front. For my money, I find the back side more pleasing and interesting than the front.

My lastest completed crafty endeavor was a purse/tote made from a very cool Tripp NYC mini skirt. This was a gift for someone I know. Most people at the party throught it was very cool, others had a more lukewarm resonse to it. Whatever, I thought it rocked pretty damn hard.

This is the interior pocket trimmed with aluminum dots. The pocket was lined but I forgot to get a picture of the lining.
All of the zipper pulls (two front pockets with zippers, and the zipper in the back) were these awesome skull & cross bones. I thought that the hot pink with skulls was a great, unexpected combination. The skirt was probably a once in a life time thrift find and I enjoyed making the bag.

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Ziggyeor said...

Wow girly you've been busy! I forgot about my Tusal and my CSAL well my team lost and I didn't feel like stitching hockey!

Love the framing and the spider!

The bag you made me was awesome and I appreciate all your effort!