Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weather and purple hair

So last weekend, I dodged tornados in northern Alabama to go to Redneck Mecca and watch the race at Talladega. We sat waaaay over toward Turn 1, just a bit past the start finish line. There is a tiny red arrow attempting to point to our general location.

We were way up in the nose bleed section - good seats actually. Great race, didn't care for the winner, but he did it the old fashion way and slingshotted himself into victory lane.

This weekend, just because I wanted to, I dyed part of my hair purple. I'm lovin' it. Thanks, PP, for the hair color! I'll probably do more went this fades a bit.

Last weekend it was tornados in Alabama, this weekend it's tornados and flooding at home. This is unlike anything I've seen here in I don't know when. The local news had pictures of dozens of cars and trucks submerged in water that covered one of the local interstates. Even from my front porch I've never seen water this high in the 26 years we'be been at this location.

Last time I saw the neighbor's trash can, it had sailed half a block away and then took a left down a flooded stream. They'll probably never see it again.

Everyone stay warm and safe and dry!


Ziggyeor said...

eek! I hope we don't have to break out a boat and rescue you!

Poor Miata across the street. I think that's one anyway.

I'm staying in and stitching during hockey games. I might scrapbook or make cards in a min.

Fidget said...

We made it through the weekend with no problems or leaks. The Miata didn't float away and is ok. All of the feral kitties showed up for noms this morning. I made it to the office ok. Prayers go up for all the folks weren't so lucky this weekend.

loves2experiment said...

Glad you're alright! That is some serious flooding! Love the purple hair!