Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Family Members

People who know me know I've got a soft heart (and some would say a soft head to go with it.) There are two feral cats (Patches and Ginger) that have adopted me. They each have their own story but that's for another day. Bob, pictured here, adopted me after he some how became separated from his people. Not sure if he got lost or if he was abandoned but the important part is he once again has a home.

Isn't he a handsome fellow? He's somewhere between 3 and 5 years old and had been neutered by his pevious people. Bob came to me with perfect indoor manners and is a delight to have as my buddy.

Like many kitties, Bob likes to sit in the window and look outside. Often, Patches and/or Ginger are out there and Bob makes little chittering noises at them. Thinking he may be lonely, I decided to adopt another cat as a companion for him.

Mourning "Sadie" Jones was adopted from Nashville Cat Rescue. She's a little over 6 years old, spayed, declawed and has weight issues. She's talkative and very loving - at least to me. Since yesterday, she's residing in the guest bathroom until she becomes acclimated to her new home. When I opened the door just enough for she and Bob to get a look at each other, she hissed; Bob fell in love. He rolled on the floor outside the bathroom and mewed to her while trying to reach for her under the door. I hope the adoration will continue when they do finally meet face to face, and that Sadie will realize what a sweetie Bob is.

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mamadog said...

Yes, my darlin' daughter, it's your mama. I'm so honored to be the first to post. You have so much to share what with your amazing collection of indoor and outdoor kitties, feral and tame, and your magnificent stitching, designing and crafting abilities. I know the folks at Craftster just love your finished projects and well-written tutorials. You have a kind heart and a beautiful mind. I'm so proud of you. Love, Mama