Friday, October 17, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Patches and Ginger have their bowls out front. Often, Patches is usually waiting close by at mealtime; Ginger shows up when she wants to. (I think she's still a bit bent about having been spayed.) I put out food for them twice a day and the bowls are usually empty when it's time to fill them again.

During the day, I know the birds will come by and steal a few pieces of food. I've suspect that more than Patches and Ginger were sampling the buffet at night. Looking out the front door glass I've seen unknown cats and dogs and possums eating at Patches' and Ginger's bowls. Last night, though, I got a surprise.

The latest diner at Casa d'Fidget is a skunk. Yes, Pepe La Pew (or Fifi, I didn't check) was busy eating and drinking on the front porch. The porch light didn't phase him a bit. He actually was kinda cute. The white stripeage didn't extend to the tail, though. There were two white stripes, beginning at the top of the head, that went down the neck, over the shoulders and joined at the middle of the back. Once he'd eaten all the food and drank his fill, he waddled off the porch and into the night.

I think I'll be a bit less generous with the evening meal. He may have been cute, but I'd rather he stayed away.

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