Friday, June 19, 2009

44 Cent Swap, part II

Mama made a contribution to the envelope going to my swap partner: three chicks in sunglasses and calico cloaks. She did not stitch this; it was in a container of stuff she got for $2 at a garage sale. The original piece was a bit larger and would not fit in the envelope, so I thought to cut it down into a bookmark. A bit of Stitch Witchery later and it was done. The backing fabric also came from Mama's stash.

I'm planning on including several skeins of overdyed floss, some trim, a tiny pastel striped binder clip, some beads and a beading needle, and a magnetic smiley face. Some of this may come out if the weight is over 1 ounce.

[Note: The tiny binder clip had to come out. :o( The envelope was just a smidge over weight. How much is a smidge? The weight of a tiny binder clip. The envelope and contents, sans binder clip, was 1.0 ounces.]

[Note II: Partner received her envelope - with postage due! :o( Seems the contents shifted during the mailing process and it no longer met the 1/4" thickness requirement. Just like cereal, some settling ocurred during shipment. Guess I need to remember to tape everything to the inside of the envelope next time.]


Ziggyeor said...

aww those birds are cute :D

I can't get over your Ihazcheezburger photo :p I laugh every time.

Fidget said...

There aren't many things as simultaneously cute and funny as cat feet. I snagged this picture off Cheezburger a long time ago and just love it.

Being a new blog nerd, when I saw I could add a picture widget this is the one I selected out of the herd. Everybody gets to enjoy it and laugh. :o)