Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some catching up

Here are some smalls I've completed within the last month or so.

First, this initial M was stitched on perforated paper for M (a stitching buddy and scrapbooker) for her birthday. The pattern was taken from a kit, whose name I forgot to note, and the initial was stitched using Kreinik #16 Cable and Silk Mori from my stash so I was able to give her the whole kit for use as she pleases. She also received the whole pack of perforated paper as I stitched the M in the lower left hand corner on one sheet and did not cut it out. This seemed to be the best way to let her scrapbook with it.

Oh,and this needlebook was also gifted to M. The chart came from one of the many cross stitch books in my library and was stitched over one on a scrap of linen using flosses from my stash. Don't you love Stitch Witchery? I find it is invaluable when finishing things like this where you don't want the back of the stitching exposed.

Next, this is my first attempt at making a floss tag. This project was inspired by all the cute ones out there on the web - a great source for inspiration. The patterns were taken from Debbie Draper Designs "A Cat's Life" - with the exception of the mouse I added and a bit of modification to the yarn ball from the original chart. This was stitched on linen with an over-dyed from my stash.

This needlebook was made on a whim because I came across some colorful stash floss that made me happy. It just moved me to do something with it so I went along for the ride. A bit of Hardanger and some buttonhole stitching later (and some finishing) and this was the results. The material that was used for the lining is about 40 years old. It was a remnant from a piece of material Mama used in making a dress for me back when I was in grade school! It's amazing she has hung on to that material for so long and it looks like it just came off the bolt.

This scissor fob was stitched over one using DMC on linen from a design charted by Jean Smith. Look familiar? Yes, it's the flower basket from the Whitman's Sampler box. This will go with another project that I've got waiting in queue for finishing, one that involves a Whitman box.

Finally, here is a lining I made for a little basket that I have. The bottom staves were just a little wide-spaced and needed some help keeping things from leaking out. The fabrics were cotton scraps from Mama's fabric stash.

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