Sunday, June 21, 2009

First day of Summer

...and boy, was it a hot one: 97 and muggy. Yuck. I take comfort in knowing this, too, shall pass and fall will come again in due time.

Don't have any finishes to share today. I've been piddling around on a couple of minor projects but nothing to show for it.

So instead of finished projects, here are a couple of pictures of Bob from this weekend. Two of his favorite places: in the bath tub and snoozed out on my bed. I just adore the way he sleeps with his feeties all curled up. :o)


Ziggyeor said...

cute kitty photos :D

I think we both forgot our Ort Jar wastn't that Sunday

Fidget said...

No, the New Moon is June 22. I've got my picture up and I'm going to see if you do, too.