Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wine and Hearts

Yesterday was a milestone birthday for my dear friend RL. I got her a nice bottle of wine but was unable to find a suitable wine gift bag, so I made one for her from some ultra-suede I had in my stash. The gift was well received and R had a very happy birthday and a great party. It was good to see many members of her extended family that I hadn't seen in many years. You wear it well, R! Many happy returns.

Today I finished stitching on a piece called Heart Quartet. It came from a 1997 kit designed by Studio B with Nancy Whitley and put out by Anchor. This has been my recent take along project when having to sit and wait at doctors' offices and/or hospitals. Once it is framed, it will probably go to my sister since she admired it while I was working on it. The original design did not call for widgets in the cutwork kloster blocks, but I thought they looked nekkid and in need of some widgetry. You can click on this picture (and others on this blog) to get a closer look at the details. C'mon...go ahead and click it! You know you want to. *wink*


Ziggyeor said...

You're funny ;) I clicked the hearts and they are beautiful. Great job making the wine bottle bag :D

loves2experiment said...

Beautiful stitchwork per usual :) Of course, I had to click on it to check out the details!