Friday, June 5, 2009

Where have you been?

It would take a very long time to explain the lack of posts for the last *cough* six months. To quote a friend, "I could complain but it wouldn't do any good." So, let's pick up like nothing happened.

I've joined the Totally Useless SAL hosted by Yoyo at Dragon My Needle. This is a first for me but she's been so sweet and kind, it should be a lot a fun. The idea is to keep all your stitching orts in a clear glass container and post pictures of it on the new moon of every month. Since Flossy Lady (the blog, not me) was inactive last month, she posted my entry for May's new moon. Now that FL's going again, I felt it was only fair to post May's picture, too. Thanks for the help, Yoyo!

The huge ball of orts came from the massive frogging that took place with the SGD practice piece. A lot of perle cotton and Watercolours went into that ball. And then it was just the usual orts from stitching using the Jade Watercolours. Lots of scraps for a lot of stitching. When the finishing is finished I'll put up a picture.

What else has been going on? Well, stitching buddy AS was in dire need of a needlebook, so I made one for her using her favorite colors. I'm happy to report she was delighted with it.

NA in Germany was a Craftster swap buddy back in the winter. She was a sweetie and sent along some extra goodies so I made another little pin cushion/box to send along to her. This was one of those unfinished blond pine boxes from the craft store. I stained it using green neon food coloring, added rub-on transfers and then varnished it. Then I stitched up a circular poof and ta-da! pin cushion/box. She should be receiving it tomorrow; the post office said it would take about a week. Hope she likes it!

'Nuff for tonight; I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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Yoyo said...

Ah ha!! So glad to see you got this going again. It will be nice to see what else you are working on. I'll get your address in the list next time I update. The needlebook is really cute, and my favorite color too. I love that box....what kind of rub-on transfer works for wood? I haven't seen that before, waaaaaaay cool. Ok, keep on adding to your Totally Useless Container so you have some things to show us.